The Video above was after 35 hours of racing the Double Anvil in 2014.  It was mid 50's and rain for almost the entire event and the 281.2 miles seemed like an impossible task.  But so did a marathon before I did one and certainly an Ironman seemed out of the question before I tried.   The answer to the Question "Why would you ever try a Triple Anvil"? for me is quite simple.  My Dad would always challenge my brother and I with the statement:   You never know until you try.   How will I ever know if I could finish one unless I try?    The world is full of opportunities for all of us to try things that seem impossible.  We rarely take that risk because we might Fail.  

Failing is just a way of learning a better way and an opportunity to stretch yourself.  The day of the event itself may be a wonderful and glorious event or it might be filled with heart ache and disappointment.  However, the journey to get to the start line and the opportunity to Try is what drives me.  The process to prepare and the chance to compete is why The Triple Anvil.   

On October 13th, 2016 I will toe the starting line with approx. 7 to 9 other competitors on this something less than 60 hours adventure.  The 7.2 Mile swim is going to take me about 5 hours.  The 336 mile bike with breaks and food stops will take me about 23 hours.  The Run of 78.6 Miles will take me about 22 hours.  So if there are no issues I could finish in 50 hours.  However that assumes no issues and no fatigue.  SO anything under the 60 hour cutoff would be AMAZING.  The best part is that I will be racing to raise money to Help provide lunches to Hungry kids in Milwaukee with hopes of raising $100,000.   

Triple Anvil 2 Feed Kids in Milwaukee

Do not Compare yourself to others but compete against your own best self.  Gal 6:4.