The need to feed kids in Milwaukee is REAL.  Milwaukee Lutheran High School and Martin Luther High School (Where I work as the CEO) serves more Milwaukee Parental Choice Program kids than any other High School in Milwaukee.  These kids don't get enough to eat - Everyday  Their home life and there economic hardships go way beyond a good meal.  We need to help them.  Students who are Hungry do not perform well in school and struggle in so many ways.   Milwaukee Families are Hungry:

71% of households with children seeking food assistance are food insecure, meaning they don’t have adequate access to nutritious food.

Among households with school-age children:
59% participate in the federal school lunch program
46% participate in the federal school breakfast program.

People needing supplemental food are making difficult choices:
44% choose between food and paying their utilities
35% choose between buying food and paying the rent or mortgage
31% choose between buying groceries and medical care  

The need is REAL!

The Project is simple.  100% of all of the donations go to the LHSAGM (Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee).  It is a 501c3 charitable organization that is designed specifically to support programs of the High Schools of the LHSAGM.  ALL proceeds go into a Restricted Fund and that Fund will continue to be invested and earn interest.  The proceeds from this investment will be distributed to the Principals of Milwaukee Lutheran and Martin Luther so that the money can be given to students in the lunch room to buy lunch when they can't afford it.  It is estimated that 2,500 lunches per year for every year will be able to be provided with this money.  We hope to raise much more but $100,000 is a great place to start.   

The project is straightforward

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